The Best NFT exchange Platforms for 2022

With the daily growth of crypto markets in mind, the option to exchange alone is no longer enough. Our team specializes in the field of NFT with a user-experience focus; we are dedicated to providing our users with the best NFT exchange options for 2022. Our criteria are carefully considered and include the following:

  • Time-consumingness
  • GDPR & Copyright
  • Diversity of exchanges
  • Diversity of wallet options
  • Specialization of the platform

Here are our top picks for marketplaces along with the best features they offer:

OperatorTypeHighlightsRatingOfficial Site
Trading Platform
  • Long-standing trading platform
  • Exclusive premium events
Visit Site
  • The largest peer-to-peer market
  • Online since 2018
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  • Best for serious artists
  • The platform has an expectant process
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OperatorTypeHighlightsRatingOfficial Site
  • Best platform for 2022 for artists
  • Great artwork to choose from
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  • Grow together with best NFT platform for artists
  • Connect directly with your Metamask wallet
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  • Marketplace built on Hive, a fast and free blockchain
  • Collect rare digital art simple and accessible
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OperatorTypeHighlightsRatingOfficial Site
NBA Marketplace
  • Intuitive web design
  • Engage With a Global NFT Community
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  • Collect your favorite moments, players, and teams
  • Build Vibrant Topps NFT Collections
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  • Collect the Greatest Sporting Moments
  • Sell Merchandise
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What is NFT Exchange?

An NFT exchange is a swap of two or more NFTs between different owners. They can exchange two NFTs with similar price or one rare NFT for a few more common. What differentiates s it from the regular NFT marketplaces is that you do not pay fiat money or crypto currency to get the NFTs, but instead give away an NFT that you already own.

There are some existing marketplaces which offer this service. You can check them out in the table below. Find the one that best suits you and exchange your NFTs now.

NFT Marketplaces Preview

How to Sell NFTs Step by Step

We have even listed the best NFT exchange options in our table above so it should be easier to choose the platform that meets your needs. Here are the steps involved in the process of navigating an NFT exchange platform:

First, decide on which blockchain you want to issue our NFT. On each blockchain there are a number of marketplaces, wallets, and a separate NFT token standard. As Ethereum is the leading blockchain service for NFTs, we advise selecting a marketplace operating on it.

Before you can create an account on a marketplace, you will need to get a blockchain wallet. Make sure your wallet supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards as these are specifically geared for NFTs. Also, check if the wallet operates on the same blockchain as the marketplace you want to sell your NFT on.‎

You will need to fund your wallet with some cryptocurrency as all actions (creating, buying, or selling your NFTs on the blockchain) take some gas fees. The gas fee varies depending on the network. The higher volume on the network, the higher the gas cost.‎

Now you can create your marketplace account and connect your wallet. Then the process can start. You can go down two different paths - you can first create your own NFT and then auction it and sell it, or, if you have already bought an existing NFT, then you can sell it directly.

The process is fairly similar on all platforms, locate and select the NFT you want to sell from your account and then define the price and conditions for the auction. Some marketplaces offer a royalty fee where you can get a commission when someone resells your initial NFT each time.‎

Types of Platforms to Sell Your NFTs at

There are various NFT marketplaces where you can buy or sell NFTs. Some of them host all kinds of NFTs, others are specialized NFT art marketplaces and have their own categories, for example sports, music, arts, etc.

NFT Art Marketplace

Right now, people are mostly interested in NFT visual art and therefore the most common type is NFT art marketplace. As the name suggests, this is a special marketplace oriented toward art NFTs. There you can find works from different artists and designers and exchange them with other users.

Platforms for Selling NFT Music

Another very popular variation are the NFT music marketplaces. These portals provide the option to trade NFTs of songs and melodies. To check what else is out there, go to the websites, and see what other music is available for exchange. Maybe you'll find your new favorite singer!

Platforms for Selling NFT Photography

Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can go take your photography to the next level and earn money on NFT photography marketplaces by minting your photos as NFTs. Choose your best work and enter the world of NFTs.

Marketplaces for Sport NFTs

Last but not least in our list are the sports NFT marketplaces where you can find NFTs items of famous players and teams from all of your favorite sports. Check our listings for an overview.

Which Blockchain are The Exchange Platforms Using?

You might want to buy your first NFT and you naturally stumbled upon OpenSea, currently the biggest exchange, but you didn't know about the high Ethereum fees. Don't get disappointed, there are many alternatives out there.

We have given you the best NFT exchange overall, but now we'll go over the best exchanges categorised by blockchains.

Ethereum Exchanges

The first NFT ever created was on the Ethereum blockchain. Terra Nullis is a project created back in 2015, which makes it the first NFT project. The most popular NFT projects right now are CryptoPunks, Hashmasks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoKitties and many more. All of these popular NFT projects can be bought on exchanges like Opensea, Superrare, Rarible.

Exchanges on the Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an alternative to Ethereum. After Ethereum proved unviable for those who could not afford the fees, BSC became widely used. Popular collections on this blockchain are PancakeSwap Squad, Kryptomon, Altura Penguins. These are the most popular NFT exchanges on BSC: NFTrade, PancakeSwap, Altura.‎

Polygon (MATIC) Exchanges

A multichained system, a framework, and a protocol combine to make Polygon. The scalability issue of the current Ethereum network is addressed by connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. The solution is a second layer that works on Ethereum's primary blockchain. The best-known exchange on this protocol is Aavegotchi's marketplace and Opensea.

Tron Exchanges

The Tron operating system and smart contract platform have been designed to construct a decentralized internet, or "web 3.0."‎

Several other projects previously developed smart contracts, decentralized applications, tokens, and proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms that were incorporated into Tron. In some ways, Tron is very similar to Ethereum. As it turns out, TRX crypto was originally launched on Ethereum and then migrated to Tron. NFT exchanges that you need to know on this blockchain are NFTone and MegaCryptoPolis.‎

Solana Exchanges

Solana is one of the biggest rivals to Ethereum and is a blockchain for decentralized apps. Currently, Ethereum is the largest decentralized app platform, but Solana promises faster operation and lower transaction fees. Due to its PoS (proof of stake) technology, it is more environmentally friendly than PoW (proof of work) chains such as Bitcoin. So, who wouldn't want NFT projects on the biggest rival of Ethereum, right? You can get them on Solanart and Solsea.

Avalanche Exchanges

Lately, we have encountered a new player on the market, which already has several marketplace partners. This is Avalanche. It is working with Solidity smart contracts and is very valuable for its high speed. Avalanche doesn't stop there; they have now developed their own ecosystem. So, if you are looking to work with Avalanche Exchanges, we suggest you try Venly and Snowflake Marketplaces.‎

Mobile Platforms for Selling NFTs

A lot of websites that sell NFTs are starting to develop apps for their platforms for those who want to be in constant connection and to quickly follow the latest trends.

Whether you're an Android or iPhone user, you can enjoy a great variety of NFT marketplace apps upon which you can sell, buy or trade directly:

Only trusted sites are listed
Best AppTypeSize (MB)RequiresCurrent VersionFeesOfficial Site
Marketplace335.0 or later1.1.0FreeDownload Here
Trading PlatformVaries with device5.0 or later2.37.2FreeDownload Here
Marketplace1268.0 or later3.119.0FreeDownload Here
Best AppTypeSize (MB)RequiresCurrent VersionFeesOfficial Site
Digital Collectible Platform256.212.1 or later1.0.512FreeDownload Here
Marketplace44.513.0 or later1.4.4FreeDownload Here
Marketplace52.812.0 or later1.1.0FreeDownload Here

If you want to look for more NFT exchange platforms, you can check out our top ranking of the most searched type of marketplaces online.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are topics, some of you might still find interesting? Dig the answers to some of them here:

🏛️ What is an NFT exchange?

NFTs are exchanged over platforms such as NFT marketplaces, digital collectible platforms and trading platforms. NFT exchanges attract speculative investors, digital artists, gamers, etc. Digital assets on NFT exchanges are usually traded using cryptocurrency.

🖼️ What does NFT mean?

NFT means non-fungible token and is an upgrade of the technological capabilities made possible by the revolutionary blockchain technology. NFT is a sort of verification software, which proves that an item (virtual or physical) is unique.

🥇 Which marketplace is best for NFTs?

NFTs have exploded in popularity recently and the market is yet to take shape. Nevertheless, we have some early contenders such as OpenSea and While those are generic in terms of their NFT merch, there are specialized marketplaces, as well, mainly in the digital art sphere.

📱 Which app is best for NFTs?

NFT apps are the main tool to trade for those interested in promoting NFT goods, therefore choosing the best NFT app is a matter of careful research. We have not recommended a specific app out there, because the usability is so niche, just remember to consider usability, cost and security when you choose.

🪙 What is the biggest NFT marketplace?

OpenSea is undoubtedly the biggest current NFT marketplace, but keep in mind that NFTs are a fresh trend, taking dramatic turns, so you never know what and who will be next to ride the wave. Also, take into consideration that niche markets such as NFT avatars have their own marketplace leaders.

🎨 What is the best NFT art platform?

Digital art is dominating the emerging NFT market and looking for the best NFT art platform is a synonym for the best NFT platform. But there's really no “best platform”, given that the variety of merchandise, pricing and ease-of-use are not equally provided in every platform, so it really depends on your priorities.

💰 What is the best place to sell NFTs?

The best place to sell NFTs depends on your personal needs as a user. Review the NFT marketplaces in the list provided by and reach our highlighted features, from there it should be easier for you to find a fit.


We do our best to bring you the best NFT exchanges so you can make the best choice for you. If you would like to contact us to give feedback or chat about our service, please feel free to email us anytime.

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